UltrasoundUltrasound is a procedure used for more than fetal imaging, it is a diagnostic tool that can be implemented for many other procedures. Ultrasound is performed by sending sound waves through the body to develop an image. The image is created in real time and displayed on a computer monitor allowing doctor’s and technicians to examine the results as they occur. Ultrasound can be useful in finding information for the following:
  • Pregnancy – May be used in determining the due date of the child, help in detecting any potential problems such as: birth defects, placental issues, or breech positioning. It may also be used to sex of the baby midway through the pregnancy period.
  • Diagnostics – Utilized in diagnosing a variety of conditions affecting organs and soft tissue throughout the body, but may have complications in detecting problems where bone or air/gas are present.
  • Medical Procedures – Assist doctors in performing needle biopsies, which require the removal of tissue from a precise area inside the body for testing.
  • Therapeutic Application – Used to treat and detect injuries in soft tissue.